Dear Train Athletes,

I want to take a second to reflect on how far we have come in the last few months and how thankful I am. Remembering back to January, we were still working out on tile flooring; we hadn’t quite written a program yet, as weren’t expecting customers until February; and we had not yet gotten a clear picture of our identity.

We did have goals though. From the get go, we wanted to be a multidisciplinary gym; with performance training, CrossFit, weightlifting, and powerlifting as our primary targets. We wanted to attract everyone from Mom and Dad, to junior champions. And we did just that.

Now, almost six months later, I am proud to say we are sharper than ever. The turf is down (and the excess moved out :p), we are rolling out a core program that addresses all of the disciplines, and, best of all, we have team “Jordell”!

Just last week we celebrated our first “full” day, where from 5am – 8pm not a second went by that there wasn’t at least one athlete in here training. Now, we continue to see more and more days similar to that one, and I could not be happier. I am so grateful for the amazing community that is developing at Train Athletic. I could not have done it alone!

Thanks to Coach Jordan and Coach Jerell. Thanks to Team Fortress. And most of all, thanks to all of our amazing clients!

Below I share with you our structure and path forward from my perspective. I’m thrilled to be on this ride with you all, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

In Strength,


What is Train Athletic?

Train Athletic is not just a gym, it’s a call to action. The intentional pursuit of strength, health, function, and community; this is what it means to Train Athletic. 


In all endeavors, one should have a purpose. Here at Train Athletic, we measure performance. For some, improved performance will literally mean running faster and further, jumping higher, becoming more agile, throwing harder, lifting more weight, and simply getting an edge over the competitors. We are here for that!

For others, improved performance means improved quality of life; improved ability to get up and down the stairs, pick up the baby, carry the groceries, move furniture, cut the grass, you name it. Life is a physical game and you will get the edge here at Train Athletic.

Oh, by the way… a natural side effect of improved performance is virtually always an improved physique. Value performance and the rest will take care of itself.


Strength. No matter what your goal, our aim is to build a stronger you. Strength is central to athleticism and health. Strength must be cultivated intentionally. 

Intelligence. Forget everything you’ve seen on social media. You will not find any fad programs here. No. We are led by science. We recognize evidence over hype. We’ll help you become an intelligent exerciser and dieter. Because smart is sexy.

Athleticism. Athletics are simply the highest expression of human capability. We want to take you from sick, to healthy, to athlete. You may never even choose to compete in a sport. That is fine. Either way, you will be a champion at life. 

Family. Even the strongest of mind perform better with a support system. That’s why you hear terms such as “Teams” and “Brothers in Arms” at the highest level of military operations. When you come to Train Athletic, you join a family. It’s inevitable. There is no bond like shared suffering. 

Mission 1) To bring strength to all.        and in turn,    2) Create champions of life, sport, and community. 


We aim to revolutionize performance and preventative health through evidence-based training and nutrition. Today, Train Athletic is a call to action. In 10 years, it will be what your doctor orders.