If you have ever met us at the gym, a party, or even the grocery store and asked us what we do, we will tell you. If you ask a price, we will usually stop and change the direction of the conversation.This is not to be deceitful or a classic sales maneuver, because to be frank, we have not sold you anything yet. It is no mistake when we say “apply here”, because our first one-on-one is an interview both ways.

Culture is everything to us. We want to see that not only do you have what it takes to train with us, but also that your values align with what we are building. Because here, we do not think group training should mean a lack of progression, direction, and/or accountability. Nor do we believe you must pay a personal training price to achieve those ends.

Having the right members to our team is everything. I have personal trained, small group trained, as well as coached large teams at the highest level, but guess what led to the best success? The right blend of camaraderie, commitment, accountability, and the INTENTIONAL act of uplifting the community. So yeah, we don’t talk about price right away, because we are gauging you as much as you are gauging us. 

XoXo Coach Jordan

P.S. If your interested in being what we are about, apply here.