Happy New Year! — Which means many of you have begun your strength and health journey.

As you go through this journey, the last thing I want to happen is for this to not feel like YOU! The less the plan feels like you, the harder it will be to stick to it for the long run. I cannot stress this enough, this needs to be an integrative lifestyle change NOT an all or nothing sorta thing. 

So how do you make these nutrition changes fit your lifestyle and stick? Automate to success. For most, crushing chicken, rice, and broccoli everyday is not all that enjoyable so here are some tricks to keep you feeling like you or hell, a better you

  1. Cook. Yeah sounds pretty generic but cooking your favorite restaurant meal AT HOME can reduce the total calories as little as 200 and as much as 800. So even if you are not calorie counting but still want to lean up, cooking meals from scratch can be an easy swap to reach your goals. 
  2. Make it a staple. Find a few recipes that you know you can whip up quick, fits your goals, and is a taste you’ll enjoy.
  3. Variety. If your not a serial killer like me (kidding, of course) most people do not want the same thing for lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday. Therefore I suggest using some of your staple recipes and cook enough food for half the week and rotate the second half. And/or create something different between lunch and dinner. 
  4. Be a #sauceboss. Sauces and spices are a fantastic way to change your basic chicken and rice from the day before to curried chicken (insert yellow curry sauce). 
  5. Rule of thumb. Use your hand to portion things out to get your plate right when out and about. Palm size of mean/protein, handful of starch, thumb size of fat, and all the veggies you want (double portions that fit your goals).
  6. Lastly, lose rigidity insert discipline. Rigidity means beating yourself up for not staying on the wagon. Discipline means pulling yourself back to the course even if you hopped off the path for a day. 

There are many ways to meet your goals without food being a void of life. Lucky for us, we are in the internet age so there are numerous recipes out there with all the macros and calories already calculated. 

Short to the long → find what food works for YOU while still approaching your goals.


Coach Jordan