What is a primary lift? 

When you are going through your training session you have probably heard your coach say something along the lines of “first we will start with our primary” or “this movement helps our primary lifts” etc. So what is/are the primary lifts and why are they so freaking important?

Our primary movements are: squat, hinge (deadlift), press (bench or OHP), and pull (chin-up). We start every session with one of these main movements because they are the main course of our training. Why? Because science and practice has shown these four movements require full body coordination and full body muscle recruitment making them the best “bang-for-your-buck” exercises in terms of strength, power, muscle gain, and fat loss. 

So now you are probably thinking what is the point of all the other exercises? Just like marathon runners practice sprints — the sides add to the main course. The beloved split squats, rows, and “B series” exercises add to our primary exercises and keep you moving well. 

Regardless of what your goal is (muscle growth, strength, or sports performance), a well organized training plan is always centered around the primary lifts to achieve maximal results.

Coach Jordan

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