Dear Muscle Builders,
Listen up. You want to be strong. You want to look great naked. You want to show off the guns. But if you think the winner of this muscle building challenge is going to be the person who adds the most size to their biceps, you are wrong! 
The biceps are cool and all, but in terms of weight/size they really aren’t all that big. In fact, there’s at least a dozen muscles that will net you greater gainzz if you focus on them instead. For example, the deltoid (shoulders), pectoralis major (chest), latissimus dorsi (back), and even the subscapularis (rotator cuff) are all bigger upper body muscles than the biceps.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, the biceps pale in comparison to our massive leg muscles (quads, hamstrings and glutes). Yes, the gluteus maximus is indeed the largest muscle in the body!! 
Seriously, IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASS. This is why I think the females have a real advantage in this competition!

Guys, if you aren’t doing SQUATS AT LEAST 3x per WEEK, you are already losing this competition. And I’m not talking about those measly goblet squats we did at our fun little workout on Saturday. That was just a teaser. I’m talking about heavy a** back squats. 

Find me an exercise that works more muscles than the back squat. I dare you! 

Don’t know how to squat? Message us directly for help. Think you know how to squat? Message us anyway. 

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In Strength,