This is the very first “Behind the Block” series — every three weeks I will send our thoughts and reasoning on why we train the way we do. So let’s dive in!

On Monday we just started a new phase for the Core™ program. This is the third phase of the New Year. Reminder, a phase is 3 weeks long (also referred to as cycle) and a block is 12 weeks. 

Block 1, Phase 3:

This is an accumulation cycle, so the goal is to get more volume under our wings BUT test week is in 6 weeks so we need to practice getting heavy therefore we are doing pyramid sets.

Pyramid sets: 8,6,4,2,4,6,8 

This rep scheme first made notorious by bodybuilders, is an effective way to gear up to a heavy 2 rep and then push yourself mentally and physically as you maintain that weight on the way down the pyramid. 

To get the most out of your pyramid, start this week at 60% and add 5lbs every step then maintain that load on the way down. Next week start 5lbs higher and then the final week being your best pyramid with a strong, top set of two. 

The second modifier you will see in this block is tempo. Tempo is how we lower, raise, or pause the weight we are lifting. Tempo is a great time to key in on technique as well as help our ligaments and tendon strength catch up to our rock hard muscles!

If you have more questions on ‘Behind the Block’ shoot them my way!

Happy Training!

Coach Jordan 

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